• Start working like a college student now. Challenge yourself with AP and Early College classes that prepare you for the higher expectations of college.
  • Maintain your highest GPA. If you're applying in the spring, this is your last chance to lift that number. Also, colleges can revoke an acceptance or scholarship if your grades drop.
  • Retake the SAT and ACTs. Nobody earns their highest score the first time they take the test, but a low score can keep you from being accepted to the college of your choice, or earning a scholarship. Study harder your second time around.
  • Visit colleges. Create a short list of universities and visit their campuses with the school or friends and family. Make sure you have some comparison when you make your decision.
  • Create a resumé and basic application materials. Have this information ready so you can apply for last-minute scholarships.


  • Princeton Week. These are experienced college students. Pick their brains about their experience, and take their suggestions on your application seriously.
  • Get informed. Attend workshops on college financing, scholarships, and recruitment so you know as much as possible about the opportunities.
  • Lead the school. Select seniors lead fundraising activities, run the Yearbook Committee, maintain our website and Facebook presence, and organize events for the BILA community. Take part to build your organizational skills and resumé.
  • Get paid. Some seniors work in paid positions at the school as after-hours aides, or with community partners in service organizations. Look for a way to make money and build skills.
  • Early Dismissal. Seniors who have satisfied all graduation requirements may be scheduled for early dismissal at 2 pm.


"Just stay on track with your work."

- Kevon Henry, class of 2017-18

12th Grade Schedule

ELA 12 (2 Credits, Full Year)
or AP Literature (2 Credits, Full Year)

Math (2 Credits, Full Year) Not all 12th Graders may need to take Math.

Biomedical Engineering (2 Credit/Full Year)

P.E. (1 Credit, Full Year)

Elective [Art, Theater, Music, Band ] (1 Credit/Semester)

Tech Elective [ScriptEd, STEM for Dance] (2 Credits/Full Year)

Total Credits Toward Graduation: 6/8