Conduct & Consequences

Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts is part of the New York Public School System. As such, our students must follow the policies outlined in the Citywide Behavior Expectations Guide.

This guide not only outlines expectations around student behavior, but describes possible interventions, and consequences if students violate school or DOE policies. Parents and students should review the guide each year.



At BILA, uniform policies are part of our school culture and are rigorously enforced. Uniform includes:

  • Navy blue pants or skirts (BILA sweatpants for gym only)
  • Uniform polo (gym shirt for gym only)
  • Plain navy cardigan or zip-up sweatshirt
  • BILA hoodie

Students may not wear:

  • Jeans or non-BILA sweatpants
  • Short skirts
  • Sweatshirts or hoodies with patterns or writing
  • Hats, bandanas, flags, or other headgear

In addition, each grade has an assigned uniform shirt color for polos and gym-wear:

  • Freshmen: Gold polo
  • Sophomores: Navy blue polo
  • Juniors: Royal blue polo
  • Seniors: Senior classes vote to select their polo color. In 2017-18, the senior polo is Dark Purple.

Consequences for Violation: First offense may lead to verbal warning or confiscation of articles for the day. Students who repeatedly or egregiously violate uniform policy may be sent home to change, or parents may be notified and asked to meet with administration.


  • No food or open-top drinks. Bottled drinks are fine, but must be sealed when students pass through scanning.
  • Be on time to class.
  • Come prepared. Students should bring a pen, pencil, paper, folders, and binders to organize their material.
  • Listen actively. Don't speak when others are speaking; look at the speaker to show you are listening.
  • Keep language and behavior respectful.

Consequences for Violation: Varies by severity of offense, as outlined in the Citywide Behavior Expectations Guide. Minor but repeated offenses may be grounds for a call home or parent meeting. Serious violations (especially threatening language or behavior) are grounds for immediate suspension.


At BILA, school begins at 8:05 with Advisory check-in. Students must be through scanning by 8:05. We recommend students arrive by 7:50 to insure they are not late, as the scanning process can be slow.

Consequences for Violation: Hour-long detention after school at first offense. Repeated offenses will result in detention, phone calls home to parents, parent meetings with administration, or household visits from the school's attendance officer.


We know that technology can be a powerful tool for learning, or a powerful distraction. We supply laptops and iPads to support student learning during classes so that students do not need to access their personal devices during school hours.

Student phones are collected at scanning, locked up during the day, and redistributed at dismissal. Students will not be given access to their phones for any reason during the school day.

Parents who need to contact their student during the day should call the main office at (718)-221-1097.

Consequences for Violation: Phone confiscated for the day, automatic parent phone call and meeting with administration.


All students have the opportunity to claim a locker in their advisory room. Students are responsible for bringing two locks from home to secure the contents of their gym and classroom lockers. Teachers cannot guarantee the safety of objects left in unlocked lockers.

Students may visit their lockers during advisory, lunch, or after school–not during classes. Students may not share lockers.

Consequences for Violation: Students are solely responsible for any items missing from their unlocked locker.


BILA teachers welcome contact from students and parents via email or JupiterEd. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Include a subject line stating the issue.
  • Include a salutation ('Mr. X" or "Dear Mrs. X")
  • Clearly and professionally explain why you are writing.
  • Include an appropriate sign-off ("Best, Shanice" or "Sincerely, Ms. Karstark."

Consequences for Violation: Aggressive or inappropriate communication will be reported to administrators and may be followed by a meeting or suspension.


Keyera Reese and Deon Williams wearing freshman uniforms.Ciera Watford in sophomore uniform.Khadian Crichlow in junior uniform.Etwana Gritten modeling the 2017-18 senior colors.Two options for in-uniform warmth: plain dark blue or BILA hoodies.

Keyera Reese and Deon Williams wearing freshman uniforms.

Ciera Watford in sophomore uniform.

Khadian Crichlow in junior uniform.

Etwana Gritten modeling the 2017-18 senior colors.

Two options for in-uniform warmth: plain dark blue or BILA hoodies.


Reading or not, one of these lovely students is out of uniform.

Reading or not, one of these lovely students is out of uniform.