Parent-Teacher Association

We encourage all parents and guardians to join us at our PTA meetings.

Now more than ever, it is extremely important for parents and guardians to connect with their child's school. Study has shown and prove when parents are involved in their child(ren) schools' they are more than likely to succeed because of the holistic support.

Parents and guardians have the power to see the change they want in their child's school, build a stronger community, advocate for families, hosts informative workshops and so much more. 

Join us, in-person, in the school's auditorium on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th 2023 at 6:00 PM. Refreshments will be provided.

P.T.A. Monthly Dues are $10.00


School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who develop educational policies for their school. They also make sure there are resources to support those policies.


  • Provide ongoing evaluations of a school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement.
  • Play an important role in school-based decision-making
  • Help to make school cultures more collaborative.

 Next meeting TBA


Title One - Cordella Escoffery

Travonna Bryant

Genevieve Farrell

Uturbina Ryan

Taniesha Williams



PRESIDENT - Juana Garcia

SECRETARY - Shakeitha Cochrane

TREASURER - Amanda Kadoo

CO-TREASURER - Edwige Olivier