Learning Resources

Google Classroom


Useful for: Accessing class resources or missed work. Completing Articles of the Week.
Classes Used: English 9/10/11/12; Game Design; Global History; Participation in Government
Getting Started: Go to classroom.google.com and sign in with your Gmail account. Click the "+" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to join a class. You will need a class code from your teacher.


Useful for: Learning new vocabulary by playing games.
Classes Used:Global History, Participation in Government.
Getting Started:Go to memrise.com and sign up. Click "Courses" and search BILA Global History. Click on the course, then click "Learn." You can also join our group at https://www.memrise.com/group/165527.




Useful for: Practicing math skills and concepts.
Classes Used: Algebra I, Statistics, Algebra II/Trig, Geometry
Getting Started:Students have ixl login and passwords. (If you do not, please speak to your advisor.) Students should go to the website and log in, then complete the assigned activities.



Useful for: Review for sciences and social sciences.
Classes Used: Living Environment, U.S. History, Global
Getting Started:Go to www.brainpop.com
Our username: bila
Our password: brainpop

Watch videos then use quizzes, sortify, and games to review.


Useful for: Practicing multiple choice questions.
Classes Used: All History, Science, Geometry and SAT Prep courses.
Getting Started: Go to Castlelearning.com and log in using your user id and password. (If you need these, ask your advisor to contact Ms. Henry to set one up.)

Current assignments will appear on your home page.

Castle Learning



Useful for: Review for sciences and social sciences.
Classes Used: Living Environment, U.S. History, Global
Getting Started:Go to www.flocabulary.com
Our username: [email protected]
Our password: Mongolsarethebest

Watch videos, then use quizzes, Sortify, and games to review.


Useful for: Spelling, grammar, citation, formatting, anything to do with writing.
Classes Used: All courses, particularly English Language Arts.
Getting Started:Type https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ into your search bar and use the menus to find the kind of advice you need.

Has particularly good advice for resumé writing.

Purdue Online Writing Lab



Useful for: Generating works cited and bibliographies with correct formatting.
Classes Used:All courses, especially English Language Arts
Getting Started:Navigate to http://www.easybib.com/. You can create a sign-in account, but it isn't necessary to generate a works cited page.

Just type in all of the information you have about each of your sources and let the program format it for you.


Useful for: Practicing vocabulary for SAT and English, donating food to people in need.
Classes Used:All English Language Arts classes, SAT Prep, Global History and Geography
Getting Started: Go to freerice.com and select your topic from the Subjects menu. For each correct answer, you donate ten grains of rice to an international charity.

Free Rice