Data & Awards

What makes your school exceptional?

  • Our students graduate on time. 97% of our seniors graduated in 2017. 96% of our freshmen and 94% of our sophomores are on track to graduate with their cohort.
  • Our students choose to come to school. In 2017, our attendance rate was 93%
  • Our students exceed expectations. 32% of our juniors and seniors participate in early college or AP courses.

What awards has your school received?
In 2015, 20162017, and 2018 we were featured as one of America's Best High Schools in U.S. News and World Report, receiving a Bronze award. See our listing here.

College for Every Student has recognized us as School of Distinction five times, in 2018 - 20192017-18, 2016-17, 2014-15, and 2013-14.

I'm a prospective student or a family member of a prospective student. Where can I see data on student achievement and school culture?
The School Quality Snapshot is designed to provide parents and students with concise, specific data about a school's performance. Our snapshots are downloadable below.

You can also check out our performance relative to other New York City Schools via the School Data Dashboard, downloadable below.

I'm a prospective teacher, administrator, or student family member. I want a more detailed analysis of your school's performance from multiple perspectives.
The School Quality Guide is an extremely detailed survey that combines the views of parents, students, and teachers to offer a comprehensive portrait of our school. The Quality Guide captures specific student and parent experiences, and teaching practices within the school. Our quality guide results are downloadable below.

Graduation Rates

Above and Below: Highlights from our 2016-17 Snapshot.

Progress Toward Graduation