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  • Pass your Global, Living Environment, and English Regents. This will let you focus on more specialized and challenging courses next year. (Like AP Literature or ScriptEd!)
  • Develop your writing skills and apply them everywhere. Though sophomores have written essays before, this is the year where you will learn to writing quickly, thoroughly, and accurately in multiple disciplines.
  • Practice good habits. Maybe you didn't use Homework Help much as a freshman, but change that now. The sophomore workload quickly becomes overwhelming.
  • Explore the PSAT. This is a trial year, but take the test seriously to see how you will score next year, when your numbers will determine your eligibility for scholarships.
  • Stay balanced. Choose electives that make you happy, help you manage your coursework, and explore your interests.


  • Early College at LIU. Sophomores can apply for early college programs that begin during the second semester of this year.
  • Biomedical Engineering. Some students will have the opportunity to take Biomedical Engineering (a course normally offered to seniors.) If you're interested, ask!


"Schedule your homework so you don't get too stressed out."
- Ialyah Jones, class of 2018-19

"These classes are the most important classes you have, and you have to take three Regents. You have to study and do all your work." - Nakayla Prescod, class of 2019-20


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10th Grade Schedule

English Language Arts 10 (2 Credits, Full Year)

Algebra II (2 Credits, Full Year)

Living Environment (2 Credits, Full Year)

Global History I-IV (4 Credits, Full Year)

Literacy (2 Credits, Full Year)

P.E. (1 Credit, Full Year)

2 Electives [Art, Theater, Music] (1 Credit/Semester)

Biomedical Engineering (2 Credit/Full Year)

Total Credits Toward Graduation: 15