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  • Make a smooth transition. In high school, the pace is more intense and the work is harder. You must adapt to your new environment and the higher expectations placed on you.
  • Pass Algebra I and U.S. History Regents. Passing these tests is essential to reaching later extension and elective courses.
  • Develop good work habits. We are what we do regularly, so make a habit of being excellent. Use of Homework Help and the Writing Center to make sure that your work meets standards.
  • Build your community. Get to know students outside your block, especially in your advisory. For the next four years, you will go through everything together. You'll be glad to have their support.


  • Use your mentor. Freshmen are assigned an older student mentor. Ask yours for help with schoolwork or meeting people
  • Homework Help. Teachers and peer tutors are available after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for subject-specific homework support. You can use a laptop, study with friends, and grab a snack.


Check back soon for advice from current and past freshmen about making the most of this year!

9th Grade Schedule

English Language Arts 9 (2 Credits, Full Year)

Algebra I (2 Credits, Full Year)

Statistics (2 Credits, Full Year)

United States History (2 Credits, Full Year)

Literacy (2 Credits, Full Year)

P.E. (1 Credit, Full Year)

Participation in Government (1 Credit, Semester)

Health (1 Credit, Semester)

Art (1 Elective Credit, Semester)

Music (1 Credit, Elective Semester)

Total Credits Toward Graduation: 12