“A person is a person through other people”—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

At BILA, every student will participate in our advisory program. BILA students will participate in activities that build character and create positive school culture. Advisory is the “home” of every student; the Advisor is responsible for overseeing and proactively addressing the child’s overall well-being, social- emotional development, character development, creating a positive peer culture, improving health practices and particularly their academic progress, of which attendance is a crucial component. Advisors will communicate with the advisee’s family at least twice a month, communicate with the advisee’s teachers (through established check-in procedures), share positive updates and seek further resources and support when necessary. Since Advisory is also a space for the cultivation of agency, rotating roles for students—leading discussion on a relevant article, reporting on current events, decorating the space, leading a teambuilding activity, etc.—it is also an integral part of our Advisory Program at BILA.