Electives and Clubs



Foundations of Art | Learn basic rules of drawing, proportion, and perspective while designing sneakers, building short books, and creating a self-portrait.

Color Theory | Explore color theory through painting, developing an original color wheel and an Obama "Hope"-style poster.

Mixed Media | Paint, print, and collage like Andy Warhol, Kathe Kollwitz, and Kerry James Marshall.

Photoshop | Manipulate photos and original artwork using layers and low-poly images to create book covers and posters.

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Intro to Music | Explore a range of music forms and instruments, including guitar and keyboard.

Band | Practice and perform music written for instruments, including sax, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drumset, and steel drums.

Music Business | Learn the fundamentals of Logic to develop your own tracks and create original songs.

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Intro to Theater | Explore performance and acting methods, preparing short skits and expanding to perform and direct short scenes.

Playwriting | Craft your own script, then stage and direct the resulting play in an end-of-term showcase. For advanced theater students.

Zumba | Practice dance moves and choreograph routines to prepare for an end-of-term showcas

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CodeNation  | Work under the direction of professional web developers from top tech companies to learn coding, create your own website, and craft online content. Students who complete the first-year Intro to Web Development course can join Code Nation's Fellowship courses for up to two years after school at partner companies’ offices. As students progress through programs, they gain increased exposure to tech careers, including work-based learning experiences.

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After School Clubs

Our after school clubs promote students' social-emotional development and a strong school community by allowing students to pursue non-traditional interests in informal weekly meetings. Students work with peers across grades and teachers passionate about their topic.

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