• GPA really, really matters. Your junior-year GPA is the first thing colleges examine when they consider your application. Keep that number high, or work to show improvement.
  • Take SATs and ACTs early. These tests increase your college and scholarship money, so take them early and take them seriously. If you don't like your score, schedule a retake.
  • Real world skills. In our ScriptEd and STEM for Dance classes, develop basic coding, web-development, and technology skills essential to your future careers.
  • Choose electives to distinguish yourself. Use your electives to show colleges what you're passionate about, and to develop skills that you'll need in your major program.
  • Create a resumé and basic application materials. Useful now to get a job, critical later for colleges and scholarships.


  • Princeton Week. During their second semester, juniors work with Princeton students to create a first draft of their college application essay. Take the opportunity seriously so you'll be less stressed when your senior year begins.
  • Get a job. Working papers are available! Many students seek out internships or jobs during their junior year.
  • Prepare for your exams. You can take SAT Prep courses and sit the SAT at our school during March. This exam is free.
  • Early College. LIU and Brooklyn College both offer programs, allowing you to begin earning college credit for free.
  • Washington D.C. trip. Join your friends for a fun weekend in the nation's capital. We'll visit colleges and memorials.


Check back soon for quotes from current and past juniors with advice about how to navigate this critical year.


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11th Grade Schedule

English Language Arts 11 (2 Credits, Full Year)
or AP Language (2 Credits, Full Year)

Geometry (2 Credits, Full Year)

Chemistry or Engineering (2 Credit/Full Year)

Economics (1 Credit/Semester)

Spanish I (2 Credits/Full Year)

P.E. (1 Credit, Full Year)

Electives [Art, Band, Theater, Music, Game Design, Chorus] (1 Credit/Semester)

Technology Electives [ScriptEd, STEM for Dance, 2 Credits/Full Year]

Total Credits Toward Graduation: 12